joke site script

Free Joke Site Script

The site is coded in php/mysql, comes with nearly 10,000 jokes and is ready for throwing on a domain for an instant website.

  • Written in php/mysql.
  • All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so any recipe page all look like static pages within the search engines.
  • Comes with nearly 10,000 funny jokes.
  • Jokes managed into over 100 different categories.
  • Search feature which searches jokes and categories.
  • Submit jokes feature for visitors to add jokes.
  • Basic admin area to approve/decline submitted jokes.
  • Rating/stars feature for each joke.
  • Links to digg, and reddit included on every joke.
  • Random Joke feature.
  • All content is automatically managed
  • i.e. homepage is updated automatically.
  • 'Friends' page for ease of management of links exchanges.
  • Control the amount of items displayed within search results/browsing via the config.
  • Use html code within added jokes.
  • Original design fireworks png file included.
  • Ideal for adding adsense or other code.
  • php 4.x
  • mysql
  • mod rewrite module on apache
  • HD/BW requirements will vary on your traffic, scripts require about 100kb.