image site script

Free Image Hosting Script

The site is coded in php/mysql, comes with 100% source code and is ready for throwing on a domain for an instant website.

  • Multiple Uploader Tool now added.
  • Upload progress indicator.
  • Choose to use single or multi uploader as default via config.
  • Option to protect images with a password once uploaded.
  • Set watermark on every uploaded image, inc alpha and positioning.
  • Unique delete link provided to the uploader to remove any images.
  • New 'friendly' urls on image pages/image downloads.
  • Written in php/mysql.
  • All pages are created using Apaches mod-rewrite so any uploaded images all look like static pages within the search engines.
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails along with 'copy & paste' code for the user.
  • Automatic resize of images.
  • Validation of duplicate content to stop same IP uploading same image multiple times.
  • Basic admin area to approve/decline images. Images can also be approved as adult.
  • Adult images display a warning message before user can view them.
  • Total view for each image.
  • Recent uploads page for public approved images.
  • Date added, original filesize and description displayed on each image.
  • Images which have not been viewed within 60 days (can be amended) are deleted.
  • Hotlinking blocked by default.
  • Max filesize, permit hotlinking and days to keep images can all be set via the config scripts.
  • Basic design with original fireworks files included.
  • Ability to display ads depending on whether an image is adult or not.
  • php 4.x
  • mysql
  • mod rewrite module on apache
  • gd library with GIF write support
  • HD/BW requirements will vary on your traffic, scripts require about 100kb.